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Referral Supply Services

  Referral Supply Services

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Referral Supply

Referral Supply is not a new form of gaining business, but it now has a new approach. Rather than sitting at a trade show table for hours on end, or setting up a display in he hopes that targeted consumers will complete a form, you can have qualified referrals generated and sent to you.

How Does Referral Supply Work?

The process of Referral Supply is a relative simple partnership to develop - Premium Advantage Services is supplied a brief to which we work to in sourcing qualified referrals for your consultants to work with.
The referrral's information is verified and matched to the brief and these matched referrals are then sent via email to you with full contact and supporting information.

Why Use Referral Supply?

Referral Supply is a simple and cost effective way for the client to concentrate on winning new business and not have to chase new business. Premium Advantage Services supplies qualified referrals that have been qualified and matched to the brief thus bypassing the need for you to sell your company. In fact, conversion rates on referrals that you receive often have a higher conversion success rate than cold contacts because the prospect is prequalified, before you ever receive the referral.

Referral supply has become popular with businesses because it enables a business to:
  • Determine the pricing on a per referral basis
  • Choose the product or service they wish to offer to prospects
  • Select the geographical area that the business is interested in
  • Control the number of referrals a business may receive per month
  • Pay for only the referrals that are received

How Much Does It Cost?

Referral Supply can be extremely cost effective being that you only pay for referrals received and the brief for referrals can be as detailed as you like.

Pricing is availble on application.

Is Referral Supply for You?

If you calendar is empty and you need business fast, Referral Supply is a way to grow your business and it's an easy way to get more business.
The approach is like any other advertising endeavour - set aside a reasonable budget to test it and see if it works for your business.

And as with any new marketing initiative, the key to being successful with the Referral Supply is to ensure your Sales and Marketing teams have the skills to convert the referrals - Do not try to approach this method of marketing without the ability to follow through and close the sale!

How are the Referrals Generated?

Premium Advantage Services employs many and varied strategies to generate referrals, however, we have found the most successful referrals are the ones that come to us.

To this end, wer have devloped a Corporate Magazine that is subscriber based and is emailed to a wide range of recipients regularly.

This benefits us twofold - we keep in regular contact with our subscribers and are constantly reaching a new audience through our eMagazine. The eMagazine also has the added benefit of advertising your business directly to the reader.

Being a Corporate eMagazine that is only available by email subscription allows Premium Advantage Services to speak and interact directly with clients thus enabling us to qualify potential referrals ahead of time.

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